L. to r.: Dr. Brad Cook, Dr. Hilary Becker, Dr. John Lobur, Dr. Molly Pasco-Pranger, Dr. Jonathan Fenno, and Dr. Aileen Ajootian.

The Department of Classics Faculty: L. to r.: Dr. Brad Cook, Dr. Hilary Becker, Dr. John Lobur, Dr. Molly Pasco-Pranger, Dr. Jonathan Fenno, and Dr. Aileen Ajootian.

We’re so glad you’ve come looking for Classics at the University of Mississippi and we hope you remember your experiences here fondly.  The Department has grown and changed enormously in the last 10 years, but even if you don’t know many of us, we’re eager to get to know you!

Please let us know if you’re coming visit Oxford or the University and would like to reconnect with Classics, or if there’s anything else we can do for you.  And please make sure to fill out the contact survey below so we can keep extending our UMiss Classics community!  We’ll post any news you share here.

Support Classics

The Department of Classics strives to give our students an excellent education in all facets of ancient Mediterranean studies.  In addition to our regular courses, we take field trips, invite several speakers to campus each year, support students in study abroad and conference travel, and make numerous other opportunities available throughout the year.  If you’d like to support the Department in its work, please consider a tax deductible donation through the University of Mississippi Foundation.  Just put “Department of Classics” in the “Special Instructions” box.

Alumni news

Gabby Coggin (2013) is in the second year of the master’s program in Anthropology at the University of Mississippi, doing a mixture of cultural anthropology and archaeology. She plans a thesis on the influence of cultural changes and power regimes on religious architecture in Syracuse, Sicily.

Patrick Mooney (2013) begins an PhD program in Medieval History at UT Knoxville in Fall 2014.

Doug Odom (2013) is Omicron Delta Kappa Scholar Leader of the Year for 2013. ODK, one of the oldest and most prestigious leadership honorary organizations, gives leadership awards in the areas of Scholarship, Service, Athletics, Technical Skills, and Journalism/Mass Media.

Colby Roberts (2013) is a candidate for Juris Doctor at SMU Dedman School of Law, expecting to finish in 2016.

Vince Stroup (2013) is currently teaching Latin and myth to middle school students at the Washington School in Greenville, MS.

Lauren Fassero (2011) is in the final stages of an MS in neuropsychology at the University of Edinburgh and plans to continue to medical school afterwards.

Bram ten Berge (2009) is continuing work on a PhD in Classical Studies at the University of Michigan.  In 2013-2014, he is a regular member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

 Keep in touch!

Email Dr. Pasco-Pranger ( with your news and we’ll add it to the site.

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