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Department of Classics
The University of Mississippi

Jonathan Fenno

Associate Professor of Classics
Greek and Latin Poetry, Greek Religion, Ancient Athletics, Romans in Cinema

Bryant Hall 031
University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677
662-915-1153  |

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., UCLA, 1995
M.A., UCLA, 1989
B.A., Concordia College, 1986

Academic Positions:
Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Mississippi, 2002-present
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College, 2002
Assistant Professor of Classics, College of Charleston, 1999-2001
Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Charleston, 1996-1999
Lecturer, UCLA, 1995-1996
Teaching Assistant, UCLA, 1988-1995


Journal Articles:

“The Wrath and Vengeance of Swift-Footed Aeneas in Iliad XIII” Phoenix 62.1-2 (2008) 1-17

“The Mist Shed by Zeus in Iliad XVII” The Classical Journal 104.1 (2008) 1-9

“‘A Great Wave against the Stream’: Water Imagery in Iliadic Battle Scenes” American Journal of Philology 126.4 (2005) 475-504

“Semonides 7.43: A Hard/Stubborn Ass” Mnemosyne 58.3 (2005) 408-411

“Setting Aright the House of Themistius in Pindar’s Nemean 5 and Isthmian 6″ Hermes 133.3 (2005) 294-311

“Praxidamas’ Crown and the Omission at Pindar Nemean 6.18″ Classical Quarterly 53.2 (2003) 338-346

Book Reviews:

R. Buxton, The Complete World of Greek Mythology, London, 2004, The Classical Outlook 82.4 (2005) 161

B. Powell, Classical Myth, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 3rd edition, 2000, The Classical Outlook 78 (2001) 179-180

I. McAuslan & P. Walcot, Homer, Oxford, 1998, The Classical Outlook 77 (2000) 122-123

M. Golden, Sport and Society in Ancient Greece, Cambridge, 1998, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 10 (1999) 7.18 (


“Orphism,” Encyclopedia of the Ancient World, T. J. Sienkewicz, ed., 3 vol. Pasadena, 2002


Poet, Athletes, and Heroes: Theban and Aeginetan Identity in Pindar’s Aeginetan Odes, UCLA, 1995
Conference Papers:

“The Ambush of Achilles by Apollo and Agenor in the Iliad” Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 2008

“Counting the Named Victims of Homeric Warriors” Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 2007

“The Wrath of Swift-Footed Aeneas and the Death of Alcathous in Iliad XIII” American Philological Association, 2007

“The Mist Shed by Zeus in Iliad XVII” Classical Association of the Middle West and South (Southern Section), 2006

“Hydropolemic Imagery in the Iliad” Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 2003

“The Muse as Water: The History of a Metaphor” Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 1999

“Pindar’s Streams of Song: Musical Memory and Theban Dirce” American Philological Association, 1998

“Agamemnon’s Character in the Prologue to Euripides IA” American Philological Association, 1996

“Pythagoras, Early Pythagoreans, and Tyranny” American Philological Association, 1995