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Department of Classics
The University of Mississippi

Inaugural Classics Capstone Conference: Andriantes: Sculptures in the Landscape, From Greek to Roman

L. to r., Dawson Dinsmore, Sarah Lowery, Dr. Aileen Ajootian, Constance Hartline, Lucas Sewell.

On November 19, 2019, the four students in Dr. Aileen Ajootian’s inaugural Classics Capstone Seminar presented 10-15 minute talks on their research on Greek and Roman sculpture in the landscape. The Capstone Seminar is a new addition to the Classics curriculum, and we look forward to many more of these mini-conferences in years ahead!

The papers included:

Lucas Sewell, “The Temple of Zeus at Olympia, West Pediment: The Many Mysterious Meanings.”

Dawson Disnmore, “Seeking the Knidia.”

Sarah Lowery, “The Prima Porta Augustus: The Imperial Unknown.”

Constance Hartline, “The Sperlonga Statue Groups: Propaganda and Travel Through Mythology.”