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Department of Classics
University of Mississippi

KOINĒ Reading Group every Wed.

Jesus at the House of Martha and Mary
Luke 10C; woodcut from the Doré Bible:

Interested in reading some of the New Testament, in the original Greek? Or are you just curious about the ancient text? If so, you are invited to our KOINĒ Reading Group, which meets Wednesdays at 4:30 pm in Bryant 006, the conference room on the ground floor. Consider yourself invited, once and for all times! The tentative plan is to meet every week at the same time and place.

Κοινή (Koinē) is the “common” or “universal” Greek in which the Christian Bible was written. Reading and learning the language of this text will be the focus of our meetings. Anyone interested in practicing his/her Greek is welcome to attend, whether as a novice or an expert. Copies of the text will be made available to those who do not yet have one. Special efforts will be made to explain the text to current students of Greek 101 and 201. We’re reading in Luke this term.