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Department of Classics
The University of Mississippi

Classics Major

The B.A. in Classics is an interdisciplinary degree focused on the civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean, and can involve the study of ancient Greek and Latin language, literature in translation, history, archaeology and art history. 

Classics majors choose an emphasis in Classical Civilization or an emphasis in ancient Greek or Latin.

The B.A. in Classics with an emphasis in classical civilization allows students to learn the basics of at least one of the ancient languages (ancient Greek and Latin) and introduces them to some of the important issues and questions regarding Greek and Roman art and archaeology, history, literature, myth, philosophy, and religion. Students have found successful careers in many different professions, including law, medicine, the ministry, teaching, museum curatorship, and exhibit design.

Students with a strong interest in the ancient languages or contemplating graduate study in Classics should choose B.A. in Classics with an emphasis in Greek or Latin.  This emphasis will allow more concentration on the languages, and will help prepare them for advanced study.  Students interested in teaching Latin or Greek at the secondary level should choose this emphasis.

A minimum grade of C is required for all courses counting toward the Classics major or minor.

Interested students can follow the links below to the UM catalog for the details of each emphasis and/or make an appointment with the chair of Classics to discuss plans and goals (Dr. Pasco-Pranger: Please note that the Classics major has recently been revised. Students entering in Fall 2018 or later must follow the revised major plan.

Old major (available to students entering before Fall 2018).

Revised major (entering Fall 2018 or later).