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Annabelle Harris

Annabelle—a Classics and English double major—is a writer of young-adult fiction, a motivational speaker, and a journalist. Her novel, Ode to Rebellion, was on the state bestsellers list of her native Oklahoma. She has given inspirational talks at high schools about the craft of writing and the importance of “following your dreams.” On campus she writes for the Daily Mississippian, the award-winning student newspaper and is vice president of Cover-to-Cover.


Why did you choose to attend UM?
I chose the University of Mississippi because of the amazing creative writing program we have here, and beyond that, the university and Oxford have prestigious literary ties. From William Faulkner, John Grisham, and numerous well published faculty, I felt that I could learn and grow so much at UM.

When and why did you choose your major(s)/minors?
I originally started as an English: Creative Writing major, with plans to minor in Classics. I have always wanted to be an author, at least since first grade, so Creative Writing was a natural choice. As far as Classics is concerned, my choice to add on Classics as a major was because I’ve had several awesome teachers. I took Latin in high school as my foreign language, and thanks to my teacher, I fell in love with the language and Grecco-Roman history and culture. When I started taking Latin at UM, I was welcomed into the Classics department by professors who love to teach and love the subject. Honestly, my Latin 101 class with Dr. Dibiasie-Sammons first semester of my freshman year rekindled my love for Classics and I just couldn’t let it go.

What are your career goals?
I want to continue writing. I plan to publish more books, many with influences from my Classics education. After I have made a name for myself, I would like to start my own publishing company. When I was trying to publish my first novel, I found it incredibly difficult to get anyone to read it because I was 16 at the time. My publishing company would focus on publishing the works of young, and young adult authors so they don’t have to go through the same trials I did.

Is there a professor who has been particularly helpful to you?
I have had the honor of working with so many great professors here, it is difficult to just pick one! Professor Tom Franklin has been a ton of help as I continue to practice my storytelling skills. I learned much about my own style in his Fiction course. I ended up going to office hours with him at least once a week to sit and talk about my story and how I could make it better. I am very grateful for his help and his guidance as I work on my next novel.

What has been a particularly meaningful way you have engaged in a community—either on or off-campus?
Freshmen year I knew no one at the university. I was going to school 500 miles away from where I grew up, but after I got involved in the honors college and it’s many opportunities, I met many people from many different places. I have had the opportunity to work with local elementary students. I’ve been able to travel and do research and through all of that I have met several people who are now some of my closest friends.

What do you like to do outside of school (hobbies, interests)?
I love to read, write (obviously), scrapbook, paint, listen to music, really anything artsy!

What are some dream travel destinations (and why)?
Rome! And several places in Greece. I am very excited to get to travel to Rome with the Classics department in January 2022! Just being able to see and walk around the same places the Romans did 2,000 years ago would be amazing. Plus what better research for a book than to see it all in person!

Marshall St. Amant

Marshall St. Amant

Marshall is a Baton Rouge native majoring in biochemistry and classics with an emphasis in Latin. He was honored as an IFC Emerging Leader in 2020 and is a member of the IFC Judicial Board, the Order of Omega Honors Society, and Sigma Chi Fraternity. Marshall teaches Oxford middle schoolers Latin weekly through the Aequora Latin Club and he is also a member of the Cardinal Club. To give back to his community, Marshall volunteers as a Mana Food Driver and delivers meals to the less fortunate.


Why did you choose to attend UM?
I chose the University of Mississippi because of the environment that the University presents. Being the second smallest SEC school, it provides a small college feel but maintains the attractions of a larger school in the southeast. The smaller class size and the atmosphere that the town of Oxford exudes made calling this place home easy.

When and why did you choose your major(s)/minors?
I chose my majors my senior year of high school. I have always dreamed of going to medical school so I chose biochemistry because it was a major that streamlined many of the classes I am required to take for medical school. The Classics, on the other hand, was a personal decision that I made. I added the extra course load because I had a mentor in high school who encouraged me to develop wholistically and explore ideas and topics that excite and challenge me. The Classics aid and stimulate my studying of the sciences and develop other skills that I may not have gotten by just taking core science courses.

What are your career goals?
My career goal is to attend medical school and be a doctor. As of right now, I either want to specialize in maternal-fetal medicine which is high risk pregnancy or Psychiatry. The beauty of the situation is that I do not need to make a decision right now and the world is my oyster!

Is there a professor who has been particularly helpful to you?
Dr. Cook of the Classics department has been extremely helpful to me in any of my academic endeavors. Honestly, every professor in the Classics department has helped me in one way or another but the specific memory that I have of Dr. Cook was from his class on the Golden Age of Athens. We had to write an end of term paper that he helped me on immensely and he took something that was extremely intimating and made it more digestible.

What has been a particularly meaningful way you have engaged in a community – either on or off-campus?
My freshman year, the Classics department ran Aequora Latin Club at Oxford intermediate. Every Monday, we would go to Oxford Intermediate and work with the kids and I could see first-hand their desire to learn. It truly was a pleasure to get to know those kids and work closely with them for 6 months. Unfortunately, due to covid, the program was not able to operate as usual my sophomore year, but I am looking forward to the next time I am able to get into the classroom with those kids again.

What do you like to do outside of school (hobbies, interests)?
I enjoy Ole Miss sporting events. I have loved every event I have gone to and the energy in the Vaught on a Saturday is hard to find elsewhere. From football to basketball to baseball, it is always to cheer on the Rebs to victory!

What are you binge watching/reading/listening to?
I’m currently watching Ted Lasso and reading a Confederacy of Dunces. Both of these are extremely humorous and often leave me belly laughing.

What is your favorite place to eat in Oxford?
My favorite place to eat in Oxford is Handy Andy’s. It is hands down the best hamburger in Oxford.