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Department of Classics
University of Mississippi

Professor, Aileen Ajootian, leads class in the UM Museum

Sharing Classics
Dr. Aileen Ajootian leads visiting high school students on a tour of the University Museum.

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Theater of War – University of Mississippi

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Book cover of Lobur, Cornellius Nepos: A Study in the Evidence and Influence: A

Dr. John Lobur publishes new book on Cornelius Nepos

The Department is pleased to announce the publication of Professor John Lobur’s second book, a University of Michigan Press monograph on Cornelius Nepos. Roman author Cornelius Nepos wrote at a very dynamic time in Roman history, but oddly enough little has been said about what his surviving work as a whole can tell us about that period. In the scholarship of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the author was much maligned as inaccurate, simple-minded, and derivative, and thus it has been hard to make the case that the evidence he provides is important or even useful. Read more about John Lobur’s new book

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